how to create a three certificate chain

How to generate a 3 certificate chain?

How to generate your own Certificate Authority for testing purposes?

These are the questions that I’m trying to answer in this tutorial.

The enviroment I used consists of the following:

  • Ubuntu 9.04.
  • openssl
  • perl
  • java

3-certificate-chainThis tutorial does not cover the installation of openssl and perl.

The purpose of this tutorial is to obtain a 3 certificate valid chain, consisting of a root Certificate Authority, an intermediary Certificate Authority and a self generated certificate signed by the intermediary Certificate Authority. The user certificate will be stored in a jks keystore so it can be loaded when need it.

In order to accomplish this we will follow a few steps:

  1. setup the environment
  2. create the root certificate authority
  3. create a 2 certificate chain
  4. create the intermediary certificate authority
  5. generate the last certificate
  6. create the 3 certificate chain
  7. verify the created chain

Note that this certificate authority can be used for testing purposes only. This is available also for the intermediary certificate authority and the user certificate. If you need real certificates and real certificate authorities, use a recognized certificate authority.

Other useful resources:

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