the amateur

de Horia

Yesterday I have seen this short film, called „The Amateur” or „Amatorul”.

I enjoyed it very much. It represents exactly the nowadays Romanian society, with its problems and frustrations.  The main character decided that he must be payed when he’s cursed and in this movie you can see him in action. The movie doesn’t say why Damian (this is his name) is doing this- for pleasure or for living. He’s just doing it and we can watch it.

The movie was made in 2006. It’s a coproduction between „Rova Film” and National Television 2 (TVR2), based on script that has been selected as finalist in HBO’s script contest in 2006.

The director was Marian Crisan. The script was written by Gabriel Andronache and Marian Crisan. The main character, Sergiu Damian is played by Erwin Simsensohn.

The movie won the prize for best script at DAKINO 2007. It was selected at Milano Film Festival, Uppsala Short Film Festival and at the Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF).


Here is part 1

And this is part 2

Here is a link for Romanian speakers, with more informations about this short movie, „Amatorul” and here you can watch all the movie.


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