Ubuntu Linux Bible

de Horia

Via icehot and tudy, I have found out a very interesting book, Ubuntu Linux Bible and it can be downloaded from this link.

Right now, this OS is one of the most user friendly OS, other than Windows. And don’t forget that in free. The current version is 9.04 alpha 5.

I’m using it constantly in the last 12 month and I’m very pleased.


Posted on 2009/03/06, in tehnic and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 comentarii.

  1. is one of the most user friendly OS ?
    incerca o comparatie cu Mandriva si dupa aia vorbim de „user friendly”

    • scopul meu nu era sa fac o comparatie

      nu contest ca exista alte SO poate mai „user-friendly”

      dar eu pe asta l-am incercat si mi-a placut

  2. @Lawr,

    „is one of the most user friendly” OS nu inseamna „is the most user friendly” OS.

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