what is project management

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About a month ago I was looking for a PM training and, talking to some friends about that, I found out about a free one day training organized by Consulteam and Business Management Consultants. The trainer was Murat Ozbilen.

Nothing special until now. But what marked me very much is that I heard, at this training, the best PM definition ever.

At a certain point, the trainer asked us if we know what is the difference between iron and magnet. We said yes, of course, the iron molecules have a kind of chaotic arrangement, while the magnet molecules are all in the same direction. Trainer: “Very good! Now you take the iron and start ironing and ironing and ironing until the molecules are arranged in the same direction. That is project management. “

I think this was for me the best understanding of PM.

Anyway, even if it was only for one day, it was a very professional training and very interactive. So if you hear those names on some presentations or trainings go with trust, it will be a nice experience.

And if you want to read a funny definition of the project manager, read this:
„What is a project manager? A project manager is a person that believes that nine women can gave birth to a child in one month.”

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